Important Information if you are floating Rock Creek courtesy of Rock Creek Mercantile

Rock Creek has salmon flies in approximately the bottom ten miles of the river right now. The water is also steadily coming down, and barring an unexpected bump, it should continue to improve over the next couple weeks. Luke and I went floating yesterday afternoon/evening from Lower Fire Ring to the Tamarack fishing access. The water is still running pretty fast, and there were spots where fishing from the boat was very tricky due to the speed. But there were also areas where the fishing was exquisite. We were throwing Chubby Chernobyls with a Jumpin' Jack Flash dropper. Though we weren't on the water at the ideal time, we caught some pretty nice trout, mostly on the surface with the Chubby.

If you do decide to float, make sure whoever is rowing is knowledgeable about navigating Rock Creek and is solid on the oars. No novice rowers for this river. The good news is there aren't any reports of big log jams to worry about with the exception of the War Zone. I would still avoid this section for floats, and FWP is going to put up some signs on that section of the Creek to give warning to floaters. When in doubt, contact us at the shop or the local guides for any info on potential hazards or any new developments. Rock Creek can easily get new jams, but during this time of the year, the shops and the guides tend to find out about them quickly. Also, if you go on the lower float like Luke and I did, scout the takeout thoroughly. This year, the exit is much more subtle, so you want to be very sure of where to pull out if you do this lower float.

April 4, 2014

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