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Our names are Nate and Shelly Marletto. We live here on Rock Creek and are thrilled to share this place with you!

The Cabins at Rock Creek has three stand-alone cabins and one house, that reside on Rock Creek Land & Cattle Ranch, a large black angus cattle ranch. Rustic Cabin, Cottonwood Cabin, Willow Cabin and Trout House all sit on the banks of Rock Creek. The fishing starts right out the door of your cabin! The ranch has about 6 miles of Rock Creek running through it. We offer our cabin guests extra access (aside from their cabin area) to fish, which consists of a few different parking areas up and down the creek to easily access the water. Watch for the signs along the road to know where to turn and park. Willow and Cottonwood Cabins are about 15 minutes from Philipsburg, Trout House is about 20 minutes, and Rustic Cabin is about 30 minutes.

This section of Rock Creek encompasses over nine miles of water, and flows through the southern end of the broad Philipsburg Valley. Of the three sections on Rock Creek, this section has the least fishing pressure. To reach this section from the lower Rock Creek section just outside of Clinton, requires a very long and bumpy ride up that feels much longer than the 41 miles to reach Upper Rock Creek Road, along a twisty one-lane gravel road. To access the upper stretch off of HWY 348 from Philipsburg requires permission, as the river partially flows through private property, not forest service land.

Shelly and Nate
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